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Francis R. Valeo
Secretary of the Senate

The careers of Secretary of the Senate Francis Valeo and Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield were so thoroughly intertwined for so many years that it was only natural for Frank Valeo's oral history to also be a memoir of Mike Mansfield. For decades their interests and activities ran parallel: Mansfield as representative, senator, majority whip, majority leader, member of the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Relations Committees, and Far Eastern specialist; Valeo as chief of the Foreign Affairs Division of the Legislative Reference Service and specialist in the Far East, staff member of the Foreign Relations Committee, assistant to Senator Mansfield as majority whip and majority leader, Senate Democratic party secretary, and Secretary of the Senate.

Table of Contents:
1) From China to Washington,1-46
2) The Foreign Relations Committee,47-94
3) Travels, With Mansfield,95-135
4) Johnson and Mansfield,136-173
5) With LBJ in Southeast Asia,174-214
6) The New Frontier,215-259
7) Senate Democratic Secretary,260-301
8) The Civil Rights Act of 1964,302-354
9) The Vietnam War,355-406
10) The Great Society,407-457
11) Secretary of the Senate,458-506
12) Opening the Door to China,507-556
13) Relations With China,557-597
14) Watergate,598-631
15) Reforming the Senate,632-683
16) Post-Senate Years,684-735
17) Senate Leaders,736-785
18) The Class of 1958,786-831
19) Memorable Senators,832-872
20) The Philippine Election,873-908
Full Transcript
Frank Valeo
Citation:  Scholarly citation: "Francis R. Valeo, Secretary of the Senate, 1966-1977," Oral History Interviews, Senate Historical Office, Washington, D.C.

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