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Howard E. Shuman
Legislative and Administrative Assistant

As legislative and administrative assistant to Senator Paul Douglas during the 1950s and 1960s, Howard Shuman helped carry the banner for civil rights, fought against oil and gas interests, and promoted many other liberal issues on Senator Douglas' agenda. During the 1970s he continued the legislative battle while on the staff of Senator William Proxmire , supporting "Truth in Lending" laws and opposing the SST. As a specialist in economic issues, Shuman also observed the evolution of the federal budget process through his close associations with the Senate Appropriations, Finance, and Budget committees and with the Joint Economic Committee.

Table of Contents:
1) From Illinois to Oxford,1-60
2) The Senate in the 1950s,61-133
3) Paul Douglas and Civil Rights,134-188
4) The "Good Old Days" Were Not,189-246
5) The Kennedy Years,247-310
6) LBJ as President,311-360
7) Battling the Bureaucracy,361-423
8) Proxmire and the Golden Fleece,424-477
9) Ethics of Government,478-575
10) Heroes and Theores,576-618
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Photo of Howard Shuman
Citation:  Scholarly citation: "Howard E. Shuman, Legislative and Administrative Assistant to Senators Paul Douglas and William Proxmire, 1955-1982," Oral History Interviews, Senate Historical Office, Washington, D.C.

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