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President Pro Tempore
President pro tempore
121. OH - Ohio
... The Senate elected Benjamin Wade of Jefferson as president pro tempore. ...
The Senate elected Allen Thurman as president pro tempore. ...
122. Officers & Staff
... President Pro Tempore. The US Constitution provides for a president pro
tempore to preside over the Senate in the absence of the vice president. ...
123. Isaac Bassett, A Senate Memoir :: Item Detail
... case of a tie. The president pro tempore, or others designated by that
officer, presides in the absence of the vice president. ...
124. US Senate: Art & History Home > Civil War Era Senators
... The genial Henry B. Anthony (1815-1884), a Republican senator from Rhode
Island, served for several years as president pro tempore of the ...
http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/history/h_multi_sections_and_teasers/CivilWar_Biographies... -55k
125. Eastland, James
... Eastland's record for the longest consecutive service as chairman of the
Judiciary Committee and his position as president pro tempore led to the ...
126. VP Elbridge Gerry
... died in office--a development that many considered possible, if not imminent,
during the summer of 1813--the president pro tempore of the Senate ...
127. MS - MIssissippi
... 1834, (June 28) George Poindexter of Wilkinson became the first Mississippi
senator elected president pro tempore of the Senate. ...
128. States in the Senate - MD
... John E. Howard (F-MD) November 21. The Senate elected John E. Howard,
resident of a small town near Baltimore, as president pro tempore. 1805 ...
129. Mangum, Willie P.
... Sitter: Mangum, Willie P. Willie P. Mangum was president pro tempore of the
Senate when this portrait by James Reid Lambdin was painted. ...
130. States in the Senate - KY
... 1792. November 5. John Brown and John Edwards took their seats in the
Senate and the president pro tempore administered the oath of office. ...
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