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Post Employment Lobbying Restrictions
Section 103 of HLOGA requires the Secretary of the Senate to notify Members and certain employees separating from the Senate about their post-employment lobbying contacts with the Senate and to post information contained in the notice on the Internet.
The table below reflects the names of those individuals who have separated from the Senate, the office in which they were employed, the beginning date of restriction, and the end date of restriction.
Updated twice a month (every pay period). XML   
Start DateEnd Date
Balkham, Dennis ACOMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS02/10/201402/09/2015
Batchelder, Lily LCOMM ON FINANCE 03/06/201403/05/2015
Baucus, Max SENATOR BAUCUS (MT)02/07/201402/06/2016
Bean, Elise JHS & GA 01/28/201401/27/2015
Beneke, Patricia JENERGY&NAT RESOURCES01/01/201412/31/2014
Brown, Karen PSENATOR CRAPO01/01/201412/31/2014
Cottle, Amber LynneCOMM ON FINANCE 03/31/201403/30/2015
Creighton, Francis SENATOR MURPHY03/03/201403/02/2015
Daly, Michael EdwardSENATOR DURBIN03/06/201403/05/2015
Easton, John RSENATOR AYOTTE03/16/201403/15/2015
Farough, Daniel GSENATOR STABENOW01/01/201412/31/2014
Ferrier, Antonia HCOMM ON FINANCE 03/15/201403/14/2015
Girven, Richard SSEL COMM ON INTELL03/01/201402/28/2015
Gleason, Christina SENATOR COONS01/11/201401/10/2015
Hallock, David SENATOR WARNER (M)02/04/201402/03/2015
Hanson, Jennifer LCOMM ON THE BUDGET03/22/201403/21/2015
Hedger, Stephen CSENATOR MCCASKILL03/16/201403/15/2015
Hirsh, Bruce RCOMM ON FINANCE 03/01/201402/28/2015
Johnson, Joshua AENERGY&NAT RESOURCES02/01/201401/31/2015
Johnson, Clete DCOMMERCE,SCIENCE&TRANS01/06/201401/05/2015
Katz, Daniel ECOMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS02/05/201402/04/2015
Kessler, Richard JHS & GA GEN INV03/01/201402/28/2015
Khan, Haroon BANKING,HOUSING&URB AFFS02/05/201402/04/2015
Lieber, Jonathan SMINORITY LEADER02/15/201402/14/2015
Litsey, Richard OCOMM ON FINANCE 03/01/201402/28/2015
May, Tina MAGRICULTURE,NUTR&FOR02/11/201402/10/2015
McGhee, Kathleen PSEL COMM ON INTELL01/11/201401/10/2015
Moskowitz, Andrew CMINORITY WHIP03/31/201403/30/2015
Neary, Sean COMM ON FINANCE 02/07/201402/06/2015
Niemeyer, Lucian LARMED SERVICES01/24/201401/23/2015
O'Loughlin, Heather KSENATOR BAUCUS 03/17/201403/16/2015
Oursler, Susan JFOREIGN RELATIONS03/11/201403/10/2015
Rice, Kathleen BSEL COMM ON INTELL03/04/201403/03/2015
Samanta Roy, Robie IARMED SERVICES02/24/201402/23/2015
Schmid, Elizabeth LCOMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS03/10/201403/09/2015
Schneider, Daniel CMINORITY LEADER CONSULTANTS(R)01/01/201412/31/2014
Simpson, V ReneeSEL COMM ON INTELL03/08/201403/07/2015
Smith, Pamela JHEALTH,EDUCATN,LBR&PEN D03/01/201402/28/2015
Virkstis, Richard MJUDICIARY03/08/201403/07/2015
Willhite, Karissa LSENATOR MENENDEZ01/18/201401/17/2015


The Public Disclosure index provides information about filing and researching lobby records.