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The Senate and Watergate

Image: Senator Howard Baker and Senator Sam Ervin

“Obviously, we’re looking at a preface to the Watergate scandal. This is just a beginning.”

Rufus Edmisten: Deputy Counsel, Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (Wategate Committee)

Former deputy counsel Rufus Edmisten discusses Senator Sam Ervin’s investigative and oversight work on two subcommittees in the years before the Watergate scandal unfolded.

Floyd M. Riddick

“…the Committee didn't want the public to think that the Senate had made a foregone conclusion that there was going to be an impeachment.”

Floyd M. Riddick: Senate Parliamentarian

Former Senate parliamentarian Floyd Riddick discusses the closed sessions of the Senate Rules Committee during the Summer of 1974 in anticipation of a Senate impeachment trial of President Richard Nixon.


In those days, people would send out letters to their colleagues to announce they were going to go make their maiden speech."

William F. Hildenbrand: Secretary of the Senate

Interviewed in 1985, Hildenbrand recalls the bygone Senate custom of new senators refraining from speechmaking during their first year in office.


Senate Historical Office

Historical information provided by the Senate Historical Office.

Executive Sessions

Executive Sessions of the Senate Committee on Rules, July and August, 1974

July 31, 1974 AM

July 31, 1974 PM

August 1, 1974

August 7, 1974

August 8, 1974

August 14, 1974

August 20, 1974

August 21, 1974