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Committee on Appropriations

A photograph of the Senate Appropriations Committee Room

The Appropriations Committee reviews budget requests from the president, solicits testimony from government officials, and drafts funding legislation that gets reported to the full Senate.  The Senate then works with the House to pass all appropriations bills by October 1, the beginning of the fiscal year.  

For more detail on the process, read:

The Congressional Appropriations Process: An Introduction (pdf)

Authorization/Appropriations Process (pdf)

Legislative Histories

Link to tables that list legislative documents on appropriations by fiscal year.

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The Budget page of the Virtual Reference Desk provides access to the searchable, full text of the budget and reports on budget procedure.  

Continuing Appropriations

Continuing Appropriations

Active Legislation

To find a list of issues currently being discussed in the U.S. Senate see, Active Legislation .

Committee Created

The Appropriations Committee was created in 1867. Learn the history of the committee from an essay by the Senate Historical Office.