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Tentative 2004 Legislative Schedule
108th Congress, 2nd Session
Bill Frist, Majority Leader

The Senate Leadership has announced the tentative schedule for 2004.
The list below identifies non-legislative periods (days that the Senate will not be in session):

February 16 - 20 Senate not in session
     February 16      Presidents' Day
     February 23 (Mon.)

     Senate reconvenes
March 15 - March 19 Senate not in session
     March 22 (Mon.)

     Senate reconvenes
April 12 - April 16 Senate not in session
     April 19 (Mon.)

     Senate reconvenes
May 24 - 31 Senate not in session
     May 31      Memorial Day (observed)
     June 1 (Tues.)

     Senate reconvenes
June 28 - July 5 Senate not in session
     July 4      Independence Day
     July 6 (Tues.)

     Senate reconvenes
July 26 - September 6 Senate not in session - August Recess
     September 6      Labor Day
     September 7 (Tues.)

     Senate reconvenes
October 1

Target adjournment