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Senate Service
Longest Service (24 years or more):
Morris Sheppard
Charles A. Culberson
Tom Connally
Texas Senators Who Served in Leadership Positions
Senate President (U.S. Vice President): John N. Garner, Lyndon B. Johnson; George H.W. Bush

President Pro Tempore: Thomas J. Rusk

Democratic Conference Chair: Charles A. Culberson, Lyndon B. Johnson

Republican Conference Secretary/Vice Chair: Kay Bailey Hutchison; John Cornyn

Majority Leader/Minority Leader: Lyndon B. Johnson

Party Whips: Morris Sheppard; Lyndon B. Johnson; John Cornyn

Party Policy Committee Chair: Lyndon B. Johnson; John G. Tower; Kay Bailey Hutchison

Democratic Campaign Committee Chair: Lloyd Bentsen

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chair: Phil Gramm; John Cornyn

Standing Committee Chairs Since 1947:

Aeronautical & Space Sciences: Lyndon B. Johnson

Armed Services: John G. Tower

Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Phil Gramm

Finance: Lloyd Bentsen

Foreign Relations: Tom Connally

Labor and Public Welfare: Ralph W. Yarborough
Texas Senators Depicted on U.S. Postage Stamps:
Samuel Houston
Lyndon B. Johnson
Texas Citizens Honored in the Capitol's Art Collection
Statuary: Stephen F. Austin by Elisabet Ney (small House rotunda); Samuel Houston by Elisabet Ney (Statuary Hall).


Vice Presidents Collection: John N. Garner by James Earle Fraser (Senate wing, second floor, main corridor); Lyndon B. Johnson by Jimilu Mason (Senate wing, second floor, main corridor); George H.W. Bush by Walker Hancock (Senate wing, second floor).

Portraits: John N. Garner by Seymour M. Stone (Speaker's Lobby, House wing, second floor); Sam Rayburn by Douglas Chandor (Speaker's Lobby, House wing, second floor); George H. Mahon by Charles J. Fox (H-216); James P. Buchanan by Seymour M. Stone (H-218).


Statuary Hall

The National Statuary Hall Collection in the U.S. Capitol has statues donated by individual states.  Learn more about your state's statues.

Architect's Statuary Hall Web page

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