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Art in the Senate

For more information see Brumidi, The Capitol, History, and Archives VRD Pages.

Art Collections

    Fine Art

        Browse Lists
            Portraits (Fine & Graphic Art)
            U.S. Senate Leadership Portrait Collection
            Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection     The Senate's Oldest Art Collection (essay)
            Women & Senate Art
            Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate: Rediscovering an Historic Painting
            Seth Eastman's Fort Paintings

    Graphic Art

        Browse Lists
            Senate Chamber
            Senate Interior
            Capitol Exterior & Grounds
            Political Cartoons & Caricatures
            Portraits (Fine & Graphic Arts)
            Conkling, Platt, & Nast
            Puck Cartoons
            Half-Century of Inaugural Images
            Advise & Consent: Drawings by Lily Spandorf

    Decorative Art

            Senate Chamber Desks
            Russell Senate Office Building Select Life in the Senate then Furniture


            Gallery Passes to the U.S. Senate Chamber
            Inaugural Tickets & Invitations
            Funeral and Memorial Services in the Senate Chamber

Photographic Collections

        Life in the Senate
            Russell Senate Office Building: 1909-2009
            Capitol Scenes: 1990-1950
            The Senate Through the Ages
            Arthur E. Scott Collection
            Women Senators
            African-American Senators
        Washington D.C.
            World War II: The Senate and the Nation's Capital

Publications & Essays

            Room Histories
            Special Art Collections
            The Famous Five Now the Famous Nine
            Portraits Approved for the Senate Reception Room