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Frequently asked questions about the Senate with links to the answers.

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The Senate

    How was the Senate formed?   Origins & Development

    How does the U.S. Constitution guide the Senate?

            Constitution of the United States
            The Senate and the U.S. Constitution

    How does the Senate operate?

        Rules & Procedures
            Riddick's Senate Procedure (GPO)
            Standing Rules of the Senate
        Legislative Process
            Enactment of a Law
            Legislative Process
            One Way a Bill becomes a Law

    Why does the Senate provide "advice and consent" on treaties?

            Treaties: Historical Overview
            Treaties: Reference Guide

    What is the Senate's role in presidential nominations?

            Nominations: Historical Overview
            Nominations: Reference Guide

    Why is the Senate the "High Court of Impeachment"?

            Impeachment: Historical Overview & Cases
            Impeachment Reference Guide

    What are some notable moments in Senate history?

            Classic Senate Speeches
            Facts & Milestones
            Historical Minutes

    What is life like in the Senate?

            Isaac Bassett: Life in the Senate
            Oral History Project


    How are senators elected? What are the qualifications to become a senator?

            Constitutional Qualifications for Senators
            Direct Election of Senators

    Who are the current U.S. senators?   Current Senators

        How do I contact my senators?   Contacting Senators Guide

    What committees do my senators serve on?   Committee Membership List

    What are the various leadership roles in the Senate?

            Senate Leadership

    Where can I find information about former U.S. senators?

            Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
            Featured Biographies
            Isaac Bassett's recollection of notable senators

    Where can I find pictures of former senators?

        Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress
        Graphic Art
            Political Cartoons of Thomas Nast
            Puck Cartoons (1876-1918)

Online Exhibits & Games

        Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate: Rediscovering an Historic Painting
        Isaac Bassett: A Senate Memoir
        Photographic Exhibits
        Russell Senate Office Building: 1909-2009
        Senate Chamber Desks
        Senate Trivia Questions
        Take the Puck Challenge

Reference Tools

        How to. . .
        Statistics & Lists
        Virtual Reference Desk