The Senate Chamber

Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection

The United States Senate's vice presidential bust collection forms the oldest continuing collection in the U.S. Capitol, and honors the presidents of the Senate. The first bust was commissioned by the Senate in 1885 as a tribute to Vice President Henry Wilson, who had died in office ten years earlier. Modeled by noted American sculptor Daniel Chester French, the bust of Wilson was placed in the Vice President's Room adjacent to the Senate chamber in 1886. That same year the Senate, by resolution, provided for a collection of vice presidential representations. Legislation approved May 13, 1886, stated that periodically marble busts of those who have been vice president of the United States would be acquired for placement in the niches at gallery level of the Senate chamber.

The initial five commissions included busts of the first two vice presidents, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, and three former vice presidents then living, Hannibal Hamlin, William Wheeler, and Chester A. Arthur. As directed by the resolution of 1886, additional representations were added to the collection until the twenty existing gallery niches in the Senate chamber had been filled. The original resolution was amended on January 6, 1898, in order to provide for placement of additional vice presidential busts throughout the Senate wing of the Capitol.

The vice presidential bust collection chronicles those individuals who have served as vice president, and honors their role in the history of the Senate. It also provides a unique survey of American sculpture from the 19th century to the present. The collection contains works by such premier American artists as Daniel Chester French, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and Franklin Simmons, and reflects the strength and vitality of American art during the last century.

The most recent addition to the series is a marble portrait bust of former Vice President Spiro T. Agnew, sculpted in 1993 by William Behrends. It was formally unveiled on May 24, 1995 in the Senate, and is on view on the second floor main corridor of the U.S. Capitol.

Below are selected images from the U.S. Senate's vice presidential bust collection. This page will be updated periodically to bring you additional selections.

Senate Vice Presidential Bust Collection
Vice PresidentStatePresidentServiceSculptorDate
John AdamsMAWashington1789-1797Daniel Chester French1890
Thomas JeffersonVAAdams1797-1801Moses Ezekiel1889
Aaron BurrNYJefferson1801-1805Jacques Jovenal1893
George ClintonNYJefferson
Vittorio A. Ciani1894
Elbridge GerryMAMadison1813-1814Herbert Adams1892
Daniel TompkinsNYMonroe1817-1825Charles H. Niehaus1891
John C. CalhounSCJ.Q. Adams
Theodore A. Mills1896
Martin Van BurenNYJackson1833-1837U. S. J. Dunbar1891
Richard M. JohnsonKYVan Buren1837-1841James P. Voorhees1895
John TylerVAHarrison1841-1841William C. McCauslen1898
George M. DallasPAPolk1845-1849Henry J. Ellicott1893
Millard FillmoreNYTaylor1849-1850Robert Cushing1895
William R. KingALPierce1853-1853William C. McCauslen1896
John C. BreckinridgeKYBuchanan1857-1861James P. Voorhees1896
Hannibal HamlinMELincoln1861-1865Franklin Simmons1889
Andrew JohnsonTNLincoln1865-1865William C. McCauslen1900
Schuyler ColfaxINGrant1869-1873Frances M.Goodwin1897
Henry WilsonMAGrant1873-1875Daniel Chester French1885-86
William A. WheelerNYHayes1877-1881Edward C. Potter1892
Chester A. ArthurNYGarfield1881Augustus Saint-Gaudens1892
Thomas A. HendricksINCleveland1885U. S. J. Dunbar1890
Levi P. MortonNYHarrison1889-1893F. Edwin Elwell1891
Adlai E. StevensonILCleveland1893-1897Franklin Simmons1894
Garret A. HobartNJMcKinley1897-1899F. Edwin Elwell1901
Theodore RooseveltNYMcKinley1901James Earle Fraser1910
Charles W. FairbanksINRoosevelt1905-1909Franklin Simmons1909
James S. ShermanNYTaft1909-1912Bessie Potter Vonnoh1912
Thomas R. MarshallINWilson1913-1921Moses A. Wainer Dykaar1920
Calvin CoolidgeMAHarding1921-1923Moses A. Wainer Dykaar1929
Charles G. DawesILCoolidge1925-1929Jo Davidson1935
Charles CurtisKSHoover1929-1933Moses A. Wainer Dykaar1935
John Nance GarnerTXRoosevelt1933-1941James Earle Fraser1943
Henry A. WallaceIARoosevelt1941-1945Jo Davidson1948
Harry S. TrumanMORoosevelt1945Charles Keck1947
Alben W. BarkleyKYTruman1949-1953Kalervo Kallio1958
Richard M. NixonCAEisenhower1953-1961Gualberto Rocchi1965
Lyndon B. JohnsonTXKennedy1961-1963Jimilu Mason1966
Hubert H. HumphreyMNJohnson1965-1969Walker Hancock1984
Spiro T. AgnewMDNixon1969-1973William Behrends1995
Gerald R. FordMINixon1973-1974Walker Hancock1985
Nelson A. RockefellerNYFord1974-1977John Calabro1987
Walter F. MondaleMNCarter1977-1981Judson Nelson1988
George H. W. BushTXReagan1981-1989Walker Hancock1991