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Viewing Senate History Through Art

Visitors to the U.S. Capitol are often delighted and surprised by the beauty of the artwork that adorns the walls of this historic building. The art in the Senate Wing of the Capitol and the Senate office buildings has been acquired to commemorate the persons and events that shaped our national history, centered upon the institution of the Senate and on the founding Republic.

Be sheekee, or Buffalo
Be sheekee
Daniel Webster.
Daniel Webster
George Washington at Princeton
George Washington

The new Senate art website allows viewers to browse many of the works in the Senate's various art collections. Also, available for the first time online is a complete catalogue of the Senate's large collection of over 1,000 prints from the 19th and early 20th centuries. Viewers can also explore interactive exhibits, slideshows highlighting various themes represented in the collection, and a complete list of publications available online.

For more information or to browse the various art collections, visit the new Senate art home page,

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