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Due to the high volume and complexity of its work, Congress divides its tasks among approximately 250 committees and subcommittees. The House and Senate each have their own committee system, which are similar. Within chamber guidelines, however, each committee adopts its own rules, so there is considerable variation among panels.

For more information on how the Senate Committee system works, link to Committees on the main Senate web page.

Senate Standing, Select, Special, and Joint Committees

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Origins & Development: Senate Committees
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Committee/Subcommittee membership
Committee Chairs
Senate Committee Chairs, 1789–Present

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Committee Hearings
Research Guide: How to. . .find committee hearings
Congressional Committee Materials Online (GPO-govInfo)
Nomination Hearings for Supreme Court Justices

Congressional Reports

Research Guide: How to. . .find committee reports.
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Committee Creation & History

Bibliography on Committee Histories (PDF)
When Did the Senate Create Permanent Committees?
When was the Senate Appropriations Committee Created? Mar 6, 1867
When was the Senate Banking Committee Created? Mar 15, 1913
Senate Eliminates 42 Committees May 27, 1920
Special and Select Committees
Teapot Dome Investigation Apr 15, 1922
The Truman Committee
Kefauver Crime Committee

Historic Spaces

The U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee (PDF)
The U.S. Foreign Relations Committee (PDF)

House Committees

Committee List (
Committee Meetings

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