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About Impeachment | Senate Trials

NamePositionDate of Final Senate ActionResult
William BlountSenator1799Jan 11, 1799Expelled, charges dismissed
John PickeringJudge1804Mar 12, 1804Guilty, removed from office
Samuel ChaseJustice1805Mar 1, 1805Not guilty
James H. PeckJudge1831Jan 31, 1831Not guilty
West H. HumphreysJudge1862Jun 26, 1862Guilty
Andrew JohnsonPresident1868May 15/26, 1868Not guilty
Mark H. DelahayJudge1873Feb 28, 18731Resigned
William BelknapSecretary of War1876Aug 1, 1876Not guilty
Charles SwayneJudge1905Feb 27, 1905Not guilty
Robert ArchbaldJudge1913Jan 13, 1913Guilty, removed
George W. EnglishJudge1926Dec 13, 1926Resigned, charges dismissed
Harold LouderbackJudge1933May 24, 1933Not guilty
Halstead RitterJudge1936Apr 17, 1936Guilty, removed from office
Harry E. ClaiborneJudge1986Oct 9, 1986Guilty, removed from office
Alcee HastingsJudge1989Oct 20, 1989Guilty, removed from office
Walter NixonJudge1989Nov 3, 1989Guilty, removed from office
William J. ClintonPresident1999Feb 12, 1999Not guilty
Samuel B. KentJudge2009Jul 22, 2009Resigned, case dismissed
G. Thomas Porteous, Jr.Judge2010Dec 8, 2010Guilty, removed from office
Donald J. TrumpPresident2020Feb 5, 2020Not guilty
Donald J. TrumpPresident2021Feb 13, 2021Not guilty

1. Date of impeachment; No Senate action taken due to Delahay's resignation on December 12, 1873.

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