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Sèvres Vase

Image: Sevres Vase (Cat. no. 46.00008.002)
by National Porcelain Manufactory of Sèvres
Porcelain, inlaid enamel, bronze, 1918 ca.
Overall measurement
      Height: 68.75 inches  (174.6 cm)
      Diameter: 28 inches  (71.1 cm)
Cat. no. 46.00008.002

On September 24, 1918, France presented the U.S. Senate with two Sèvres vases (see also 46.00008.001) as a token of “sisterly gratitude” for America’s “timely help” in World War I.

Standing nearly six feet tall, this vase is enveloped in colors inspired by the deep sea (coral-green and sea-pearl yellow) and features a distinctive bronze platform-base and neck-rim as well as four porcelain pendants. The brilliant hues and variegated patterns on the vase are achieved using a crystalline glazing process developed by the Sèvres porcelain factory—the preeminent porcelain manufacturer in Europe in the second half of the 18th century.