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Officers of the Senate & House of Representatives

Officers of the Senate & House of Representatives
by Unidentified
Photograph, black and white, 1888 ca.
Image with text measurement
      Height: 9.5 inches  (24.13 cm)
      Width:  7.5625 inches  (19.20875 cm)
Cat. no. 38.00505.001
Sitters: (top row, center) Platt, R.S.
second row, third from right) Rigelow, W.H.(third row, far left) Young, James R.(third row, center) McCook, Anson G.(third row, third from right) Canaday, William P.(third row, second from left) Butler, John G.(fourth row, third from left) Ingalls, John J.(fifth row, second from left) Kellogg, Caron W.(fifth row, third from left) Johnson, Charles W.(fifth row, third from right) Nixon, P.B.(fifth row, far right) Spencer, William E.(sixth row, third from left) Murphy, D.F.(bottom row, second from left) Christie, James T.(bottom row, center) Shankland, M.R.(bottom row, second from right) Bassett, Isaac(bottom row, far right) Richards, Charles K.