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Chronology of Senate Reception Room Portraits

August 26, 1957

S. Res. 174: Senate Committee on Rules and Administration shall procure appropriate likenesses of the five outstanding Senators to be placed in the reception room in the Capitol outside the Senate Chamber.

March 12, 1959

Unveiling ceremony for famous five: Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John C. Calhoun, Robert M. La Follette, Sr., and Robert A. Taft.

November 19, 1999

S. Res. 241: The Senate Commission on Art to recommend to the Senate two outstanding individuals whose paintings shall be placed in two of the remaining unfilled spaces in the Senate Reception Room.

October 19, 2000

S. Res. 380: authorizing the Senate Commission on Art to procure paintings of Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg and Senator Robert F. Wagner and place such in the two unfilled spaces on the south wall of the Senate Reception Room.

July 25, 2001

Advisory Board meets and recommends to Senate Commission on Art top  artists for consideration.  Senate Commission on Art selects  Michael Shane Neal as their top choice to paint the Vandenberg portrait, and Steven Polson as their top choice to paint the Wagner portrait.  

August 12, 2004

Portraits installed by conservators.  

September 14, 2004

Vandenberg and Wagner unveiling ceremony, Senate Reception Room, S-213.