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Art & Architecture

Included on this web page are interactive exhibits and informative essays that provide additional insight into the history of the U.S. Senate. The exhibits are divided into three categories Art and Architecture, History, and People.

Spandorf homepage cropAdvise & Consent: Drawings by Lily Spandorf
Birds of the Brumidi Corridors cropBirds of the Brumidi Corridors
Cropped Image of Constantino Brumidi's BustConstantino Brumidi: Collected Works
Half Century of Inaugural Images cropInaugurations at the U.S. Capitol
Cropped Image of Senator Howard Baker, Jr. part of the the Leadership Portrait CollectionLeadership Portrait Collection
Conkling, Platt, & Nast CropPolitical Cartoons of Thomas Nast
Vice Presidential Busts CropVice Presidential Bust Collection
Women & Senate Art cropWomen & Senate Art