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[New Orleans] Daily Picayune
Thursday, 1 April 1847

STANTON, THE ARTIST—The studio of Mr.
P. Stanton, in St. Charles street, opposite the
great hotel, is very well worth a visit at this
time. Mr. Stanton is to us a new name as an
artist, but we have found in his rooms portraits
of a very high order of merit. A recent portrait
of Mr. Clay is one of the most faithful pictures
we have ever seen of the great statesman. It
preserves not only the more obvious and cha-
racteristic features of his marked countenance,
but has caught the attitude and air of the ori-
ginal, and the lurking expression of the face.
As a work of art, apart from its fidelity as a
portrait, it will excite admiration. We found
several other portraits of well known citizens
in Mr. Stanton’s rooms which are well worth
studying—one of the Rev. Mr. Stanton, a rela-
tive of the artist: another of the Mayor of our
city, and another of Col. Christie. We com-
mend to those who delight in examining works
of art to drop in upon Mr. S., and see if our
commendation be exaggerated.