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The Senate Online

The homepage of the Senate website as it appeared in 1997

In 1995 Senators John Warner and Wendell Ford announced the posting of the Senate’s first home page on the World Wide Web. The first website provided basic historical information and brief biographies. “We envision the Senate Home Page as a tool,” commented Senator Warner, to be “used by educators all across our Nation.” Two years later, the Senate’s second home page offered more detailed legislative and committee information. In 1999 the Senate’s redesigned home page won an award for “humaniz[ing] the venerable institution of the Senate by making its everyday activities and rich history readily accessible to the public.” With the launch of the first home page in 1995, Senator Ford predicted that Internet technology would someday “reach every school child, office place, and even private home.” Today, the Senate’s website reaches a vast international audience, providing more than 100,000 pages of legislative information, historical text, images, transcripts of committee hearings, as well as senators' sites and live video broadcasts of Senate proceedings.