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Senate Quiz

How much do you know about the U.S. Senate?  See how many of these questions you can answer.  The links will guide you to the answer to each question.


1. Who is the president of the Senate?

2. Who presides over the Senate?

3. When did the U.S. Senate establish its first quorum?

4. When did the Senate move to Washington, DC?

5. When did the Senate regularly open its legislative sessions to the public?

6. Who was the first incumbent senator to be elected president?

7. How were U.S. senators elected before 1913?

8. Which senator has served longer than any other?

9. Who was the first female senator?

10. Who was the first woman elected to the Senate?

11. How many people have served in the Senate to date?

12. How many women have served in the Senate to date?

13. Who was the first African-American senator?

14. Who were the only father and son to serve simultaneously in the Senate?

15. Who was the only senator preceded by both of his parents?

16. Who was the only senator to die in a duel while in office?

17. Who was the only senator to serve from three states?

18. Who was the only president subsequently to become a senator?

19. How many senators have become president?

20. When did regular TV broadcasts of Senate proceedings begin?