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Rebecca Felton


Photo of Senator Rebecca Felton of Georgia

Georiga senator Rebecca Felton [U.S. Senate Historical Office]

Rebecca Felton

Senator Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia, November 1922 [Library of Congress]

Rebecca Felton and Friends, 1922

When Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia (seated) was appointed to a vacant seat on October 3, 1922, becoming the first woman to serve in the Senate, she was expected to serve just a short, symbolic term without the opportunity to be sworn into office in the Senate Chamber. (The Senate had already adjourned for the year.) This prompted women across America to petition to have Congress called back into special session so that Felton could be sworn in and take her rightful place in the Senate. That happened on November 21, 1922, the day after this photo was taken. [Library of Congress]

Rebecca Felton with Georgia Senators George and Harris. November 20, 1922

When Rebecca Felton of Georgia was appointed on October 3, 1922, she became the first woman to serve in the Senate. To allow Felton to take the oath of office in open session and serve 24 hours as a duly-sworn U.S. senator, senator-elect Walter George (left) delayed his own swearing-in by a day. In this photo, taken on November 20, 1922, the day before the historic swearing-in ceremony, Felton and George are accompanied by Georgia’s other senator, William Harris. [Library of Congress]

Rebecca Felton

Senator Rebecca Felton was the first woman U.S. Senator.  [Library of Congress]

Rebecca Felton

 [Library of Congress]