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The Senate and the Second World War | Senate Goes to War

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Photo of senators at hearing.

Missouri senator Harry S. Truman chairs a Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program. The Truman Committee saved taxpayers millions of dollars by reducing waste and corruption among military contractors. [Truman Library, National Archives]

Photo of two chefs preparing food.

Senate Restaurant chefs prepare a lunch of dehydrated foods to show senators what the troops overseas were eating, December 1942. [Library of Congress]

Photo of a group of senators and military men inspect hospital operating room.

As part of their tour of U.S. military installations around the world, members of the Senate Military Affairs Committee and the Truman Committee inspect the operating room of Helgafel Hospital in Iceland, July 30, 1943. (L-R) Colonel Edwin Roberts, Senator James Mead (NY), Commodore Wentworth, Senator Owen Brewster (ME), General Key, Senator Albert Chandler (KY), and Senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. (MA). [National Archives]

Photo of Senator Lodge pinning Purple Heart on wounded soldier.

Massachusetts senator Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., awards the Purple Heart to a wounded soldier during a tour of the military hospital in Port Moresby, New Guinea, September 11, 1943. Senator Lodge resigned from the Senate in February 1944 to go on active duty in the U.S. Army. [National Archives]

Photo of senators talking to old woman outside her house.

Members of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, on a tour of the Eastern Theater of Operations, talk to a French woman living near Utah Beach, May 24, 1945. (L-R) Senator Chan Gurney (SD), interpreter, Senator John McClellan (AR), Senator James Eastland (MS), French woman, Senator Harry Byrd (VA), and Senator Chapman Revercomb (WV). [National Archives]

Photo of four senators riding in open-topped car.

Senators ride in Hitler's car in Dachau, Germany, May 25, 1945. (L-R): Senators Burton K. Wheeler (MT), Homer Capehart (IN), Albert Hawkes (NJ), and Ernest McFarland (AZ). The senators were conducting a tour of U.S. occupied Germany. [National Archives]