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The Senate and the Second World War | War Comes to Washington

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Photo of three soldiers manning an anti-aircraft gun on the top of a DC building, with the Capitol Building in the background.

Soldiers operate a 40mm anti-aircraft gun on the roof of the Government Printing Office, June 1944. [Martin Luther King Library]

Photo of two policemen on guard in front of Capitol Building

Capitol Police stand guard in front of the Senate side of the Capitol, January 1945. [Martin Luther King Library]

Photo of two men standing next to an air raid siren with hands over their ears.

An air raid siren is tested not far from the U.S. Capitol, ca. 1943. [Martin Luther King Library]

Photo of several three women and two boys loading tin-ware into a truck in front of the Capitol Building.

Representative, and later senator, Margaret Chase Smith (far right) helps collect tin-ware for the war effort, July 1941. [Library of Congress]

Photo of a Red Cross worker serving coffee to a man and woman from a truck in front of the Capitol Building.

A Red Cross mobile canteen outside the Capitol serves members of Congress and war workers in Washington, D.C., June 1942. [Library of Congress]

Photo of workers lined up in front of Capitol waiting for a ride in an extended length car.

Gasoline rationing encourages workers to car pool in a "Sedanbus," July 1942. [Martin Luther King Library]

Photo of a large crowd of people gathered with Washington Memorial in background.

A war bond rally is held on the steps of the U.S. Treasury Building, with movie stars touring to raise money for the war effort, August 31, 1942. [Martin Luther King Library]

Photo of three boy scouts holding a poster, with Capitol Building in background.

Boy Scouts aid the war effort by delivering posters that encourage a united fight for freedom, ca. 1943. [Library of Congress]

Photo of horse-drawn tour bus in front of Capitol Building.

Faced with a ban on motor buses for sightseeing, one tour company uses a horse-drawn bus to make daily trips to the points of interest in the nation's capital, November 1942.  [FDR Library, National Archives]

Photo of school kids in military uniforms in formation, prepared to perform military drills.

As part of the Program of Civilian Defense, Washington, D.C., public high school students perform military drills, April 1943 [Library of Congress]