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In the Senate Chamber, senators are given the opportunity to publicly debate and vote on pending legislation. All speeches and remarks delivered in the Chamber are recorded by the reporters of debates and published in the Congressional Record.

Joseph Gales by George Peter Alexander Healy
First Reporter of Debate
The United States Senate, A.D. 1850.
U.S. Senate, A.D. 1850
Congressional Record
Congressional Record

Links to the most recent versions of the Record are available on The website provides searchable versions of the Record back to the 101st Congress. THOMAS provides access to the Congressional Record Index, which allows browsing of the Record by use of keywords.

For access to Senate speeches given before the 101st Congress, see the research guide, "How to find the Congressional Record." Also, the feature, Classic Senate Speeches, provides historical information and full text of some of the best-known Senate speeches of the 19th and 20th centuries.

For more information about researching Senate speeches, visit the Congressional Record virtual reference page.

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