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Historical Minutes

Stories about Senate History

The United States Senate has inspired thousands of colorful stories. Since the first discussions at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 the World's Greatest Deliberative Body has actively engaged storytellers.

Image:Senator Harry Truman in his Senate Office Building suite.
Harry Truman
Bonus Marchers at the Capitol
Bonus March
Isaac Bassett Turning Back the Clock
Isaac Bassett

For more than 30 years, Senate historians have prepared historical narratives to inform senators, staff, constituents, and others who are curious about the traditions, personalities, and legislative landmarks of the Senate. These historical highlights reflect all areas of Senate activity. From the well-known and notorious, to the unusual and even whimsical, they are presented to enlighten, inspire, amuse, and inform. Read collectively, they provide clear impressions about the forces, events, and personalities that have shaped the Senate of the 21st century.

The Historical Minute Essays are divided into seven eras:

Other online features provided by the historical office are constitutional origins and institutional developments of the Senate, highlights from the Senate’s photographic collection, and the Senate’s Oral History Project.

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