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How to Obtain a Lobbyist ID for Contributions Reporting

In order to request a Lobbyist ID, the lobbyist must first be listed on a Registration (LD-1) or a Quarterly Activity Report (LD-2) for the Registrant with which they are employed. Once the lobbyist has been listed:

  1. Using the Senate ID and password, the Registrant must Sign In to the Contributions Reporting (LD-203) system and select the “Manage Lobbyists” tab to add the lobbyist’s information.
  2. After the information is added, the lobbyist will receive an activation email to create a password and set up security questions.
  3. The House Legislative Resource Center will review and activate the Lobbyist account.Once a lobbyist has an active Lobbyist ID and password, the lobbyist can file their individual LD-203 contribution report by logging into their account at

Note: Lobbyist accounts are unique to each actively listed lobbyist. The lobbyist will continue to use the same ID and password, even if they change their employer. Lobbyists can change their listed employer under “request employer transfer” link once logged in to the LD-203 website.