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Information for New Lobbying Disclosure Registrants:

1. Request a Senate User ID/Registrant ID and Password using the online form here:

You will receive an e-mail alerting you that your Senate User ID/Registrant ID and password are activated, usually within two business days of e-mailing/faxing your signed request to us.

2.Log in here using your Senate User ID/Registrant ID and password: Follow the steps to obtain a House ID number. Then select “Register a New Client” to file the LD-1 registration form.

3. After filing your registration, you will receive e-mail verifications from both the House and the Senate. Be sure to view these as they will contain your House ID and your Senate Client ID.

4. You can also look up your Senate Client ID numbers here:
Registrant/Client List and Senate Identification Numbers

5. Once your registration form is processed, you may file another LD-1 registration form and/or LD-2 quarterly reports at: Quarterly lobbying activity reports are filed by selecting the “Report Lobbying” link.

6. The Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA) also requires all registrants AND individual lobbyists to file semiannual reports on certain contributions. Using your Senate User ID/Registrant ID number (the number before the –dash) and your Senate password, log into the LD-203 system here:

Logging in with your Senate ID and password will allow you to submit Registrant LD-203 contribution reports. Select the Manage Lobbyists tab to add lobbyists and initiate an email that will permit lobbyists to set up their Lobbyist ID and Lobbyist password. Once a lobbyist has a Lobbyist ID and password, the individual can file the Lobbyist LD-203 contribution report by logging in at the same location:

7. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the filing deadlines here:

8. For further information about reporting requirements under the LDA, access the Lobbying Disclosure Act Guidance at:

9. To view your submitted reports as they appear in the searchable Senate database, go to: