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How to Terminate a Registration

How to Terminate a Registration

When lobbying has ceased, a filer may terminate a registration by selecting the “Terminate Report” box in the LD-2 quarterly activity report.

select report period screenshot

The system will then prompt you to enter the termination date. Select a date within the LD-2 reporting period for which the quarterly activity report is being filed. The filing system will not permit you to enter a date outside the reporting period.

set termination date screenshot

Organizations with in-house lobbyists file only one termination report for their registration. Lobbying firms with more than one client will file termination reports for each individual client whenever lobbying has ceased for each client.

How to Delist a Lobbyist

Merely removing a lobbyist’s name from the issue pages of the LD-2 quarterly activity report does not delist or "deregister" the lobbyist for that client.

A lobbyist remains active for a client until the filer enters the lobbyist name on the Update page as no longer expected to lobby for that client. There is a link available to the Update page in the Issues pages of the online filing system where lobbyist names are listed….

client information update page screenshot

…or you can navigate to the Update page by selecting item 3, the Client Information Update in the drop-down menu under Go To Page, which is located at the top of each report page in the online filing system.

client information update page screenshot

Next, select “Update Previously Reported Lobbyists.” The system will prompt you to enter the names of previously reported individuals no longer expected to lobby for the client. Once you’ve entered the lobbyist name click on the “Delist Lobbyist” button to add the name to the list below.

update previously reported lobbyists screenshot

A lobbyist can be listed both as a lobbyist for the reporting quarter and delisted in the Update section in the same report and filing period.

Terminating a client by filing a termination report delists all lobbyists for that client. If a lobbyist leaves a firm or stops lobbying for all clients, then the lobbyist name must be included as Delisted in the Update section for every active client where the lobbyist was reported as having lobbied previously.