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Past Features


September 2013: Floyd M. Riddick Discusses the Constitution

June 2013:  Idea of the Senate

May 2013:  Watergate and the Senate

April 2013:  Classic Senate Speeches

March 2013:  Carol Moseley Braun on Women in the Senate

February 2013:  Celebrating Black History Month

January 2013: Maiden Speeches


November 2012: New Senators' Orientation Program

October 2012: Floyd M. Riddick Discusses a Contested Senate Election

September 2012:   Floyd M. Riddick Discusses the Constitution

August 2012:  Senate Sessions

July 2012:  Material Culture of the Senate

June 2012:  Technology in the Senate

April 2012:  Richard A. Arenberg on State Offices

March 2012:  Ruth Young Watt and Dorothye G. Scott


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