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Senate Service
Longest Service (24 years or more):
Henrik Shipstead
Knute Nelson
Minnesota Senators Who Served in Leadership Positions
Senate President (U.S. Vice President): Hubert H. Humphrey; Walter Mondale

Party Whips: Hubert Humphrey

Party Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman: Rudy Boschwitz

Minnesota Senators Depicted on U.S. Postage Stamps:
Hubert H. Humphrey
Minnesota Citizens Honored in the Capitol's Art Collection
Statuary: Maria L. Sanford by Evelyn Raymond, located in the Senate connecting corridor; Henry Mower Rice by Frederick E. Triebel, located in Statuary Hall.


Vice Presidents Collection: Hubert H. Humphrey by Walker Hancock (Senate wing, second floor, main corridor); Walter F. Mondale by Judson R. Nelson (Senate wing, second floor).

Paintings: Fort Snelling, Minnesota, by Seth Eastman, located in center section, first floor, west corridor.