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Senate Service
Longest Service (24 years or more):
Jacob H. Gallinger
Henry Styles Bridges
New Hampshire Senators Who Served in Leadership Positions
President Pro Tempore: John Langdon, Samuel Livermore, Daniel Clark, George H. Moses, Styles Bridges

Republican Conference Chairmen: Jacob H. Gallinger, Norris Cotton

Republican Conference Secretary: Norris Cotton

Republican Policy Committee Chairman: Styles Bridges

Minority Leader: Styles Bridges

Standing Committee Chairs Since 1947:

Appropriations: Styles Bridges

Banking and Currency: Charles W. Tobey

Budget: Judd Gregg

Environment & Public Works: Robert C. Smith

Interstate and Foreign Commerce: Charles W. Tobey

Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: Judd Gregg
New Hampshire Senators Depicted on U.S. Postage Stamps:
Franklin Pierce
New Hampshire Citizens Honored in the Capitol's Art Collection
Statuary: Daniel Webster by Carl Conrads (Statuary Hall); John Stark by Carl Conrads (vestibule north of the Rotunda).

Paintings: Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States by Howard Chandler Christy (House wing, east stairway). This painting includes portraits of New Hampshire's delegates to the Constitutional Convention, John Langdon and Nicholas Gilman.

Portraits: John Langdon by Hattie E. Burdette (S-240).

Unusual Facts
Representative John A. Durkin disputed the results of the 1974 Senate election under which the New Hampshire Ballot Commission declared Representative Louis C. Wyman victorious by two votes. After two months of considering the case, the Senate declared the seat vacant, and the state held a new election, which Durkin won.