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Senate Service
Longest Service (24 years or more):
Boies Penrose, Arlen Specter
Pennsylvania Senators Who Served in Leadership Positions
Senate President (U.S. Vice President): George M. Dallas

President Pro Tempore: William Bingham, James Ross, Andrew Gregg

Party Conference Chairmen: William Wallace, Hugh D. Scott, Rick Santorum

Majority and Minority Leaders: Hugh D. Scott

Party Whips: Francis J. Myers, Hugh D. Scott

Party Senatorial Committee Chairman: H. John Heinz, III

Standing Committee Chairs Since 1947:

Judiciary: Arlen Specter

Public Works: Edward Martin

Veterans' Affairs: Arlen Specter
Pennsylvania Senators Depicted on U.S. Postage Stamps:
James Buchanan, Albert Gallatin.
Pennsylvania Citizens Honored in the Capitol's Art Collection
Statuary: John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg by Blanche Nevin, located in Statuary Hall; Robert Fulton by Howard Roberts, located in Statuary Hall.


Vice Presidents Collection: George M. Dallas by Henry J. Ellicott (Senate Chamber gallery).

Frieze: Penn's Treaty with the Indians, 1682, by Constantino Brumidi in the Rotunda.

Paintings: Declaration of Independence, at the Independence Hall, Philadelphia, July 4, 1776, by John Trumbull, located in the Rotunda. Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States by Howard Chandler Christy, located in House wing, east stairway

Reliefs: Penn's Treaty with the Indians, 1682, by Nicholas Gevelot, in the Rotunda, above the North door.