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Senate Service
Longest Service (24 years or more):
Francis E. Warren
Joseph C. O'Mahoney
Wyoming Senators Who Served in Leadership Positions
Party Whips: Alan K. Simpson

Republican Conference Secretary: Clifford P. Hansen

Republican Policy Committee Chair: John Barrasso

Standing Committee Chairs Since 1947:

Budget: Michael Enzi

Environment and Public Works: John Barrasso

Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions: Michael Enzi

Interior & Insular Affairs: Joseph C. O'Mahoney

Post Office and Civil Service: Gale McGee

Veterans' Affairs: Alan K. Simpson
Wyoming Citizens Honored in the Capitol's Art Collection
Statuary: Esther Hobart Morris by Avard Fairbanks (Statuary Hall vestibule north); Washakie by Dave McGary (House connecting corridor)