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Local Area Maps

Navigating around Washington, DC can get tricky. These maps will aid in discovering building locations, roads, and subway stops.

Metro Rail System

The Washington, DC subway system (or "metro") is an excellent way to get around the city and into the suburbs. This map will indicate stops and parking locations.

The Mall

The Mall is the central park of Washington, DC. This strip of land between the Capitol and the Lincoln memorial is home to many federal government buildings, museums, and monuments. This map illustrates points of interest along the Mall.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is the home of the Legislative Branch. This map will provide a street map and building locations.

The White House Area

A street map to the blocks surrounding the White House.

Washington, DC and Vicinity

This street map of Washington, DC and vicinity shows most major streets, identifies cities and neighborhoods, and indicates each exit on the Capitol Beltway. This map is in PDF format. Use the zoom feature in Acrobat reader to view the map in greater detail.

Senate Buildings

The Senate uses four primary buildings as work locations.  Each of these buildings is located on Capitol Hill and all are interconnected via dedicated underground rail systems.  

United States Capitol
The Capitol
Hart Senate Office Building
Hart Senate Office Building
Dirksen Senate Office Building
Dirksen Senate Office Building
Russell Senate Office Building
Russell Senate Office Building