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Constantino Brumidi



Family photograph album compiled by Lola Germon Brumidi
Magnifying glass owned by Constantino Brumidi
Fall-front plantation desk owned by Constantino Brumidi


Constantino Brumidi: Artist of the Capitol by Barbara Wolanin
Constantino Brumidi: Michelangelo of the Capitol by Myrtle Cheney Murdock
To Make Beautiful the Capitol: Rediscovering the Art of Constantino Brumidi compiled by Amy E. Burton (GPO)


Constantino Brumidi by Jimilu Mason
Constantino Brumidi by Mathew Brady


Paying Tribute to Constantino Brumidi

Works of Art by Constantino Brumidi

Brumidi Corridors

Brochure (pdf)
Birds of the Brumidi Corridors
Overview of the Corridors (Architect of the Capitol)


Constantino Brumidi: Collected Works
Lola Germon Brumidi
Portrait of Child with Moth
Sketch, Death of General Montgomery and the Battle of Lexington
Sketch, George Washington with Jefferson and Hamilton
Sketch, General Mercer's Death by Bayonet Stroke and Storming of Stony Point, General Wayne Wounded in the Head, Carred into the Fort
Sketch, General Wooster at Ridgefield Mortally Wounded, Is Carried out of the Field and The Americans at Sagg [sic] Harbor Burned Twelved Brigs and Sloops, and [illegible] Bringing with HIm Many Prisoners
Sketch, History
Sketch, Liberty, Peach, Plenty, War
Sketch, Physics
The Signing of the First Treaty of Peace with Great Britain, preliminary sketch
Sketch, Washington, Adams, Jefferson

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