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Congress has conducted investigations of malfeasance since the 1790s.

How the Senate Investigates

    Origins & Development

            Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations

Selected Investigations   Selected List   (pdf)

    Summaries & Related Resources of Selected Investigations

        Joint Committee on the Conduct of War, 1861-1865
        Titanic Disaster Hearings   Senate Report on the Titanic Disaster (pdf)
        The "Teapot" Dome Scandal, Apr 15, 1922
        Committee on Banking & Currency Investigation of Wall Street (Pecora Investigation), 1932-1934
        Special Committee to Investigate Air Mail & Ocean Mail Contracts,1933
        "Merchants of Death" (Nye Committee), Sep 4, 1934
        Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense Program (The Truman Committee) 1941-1948
            The Truman Committee Mar 1, 1941
        Joint Committee on the Investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack, 1945-1946
        McCarthy Hearings
            S.Prt.107-84 Executive Sessions of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations of the Committee on Government Operations
            Senate Stories:
            "Communists in Government Service" Feb 9, 1950
            A Declaration of Conscience Jun 1, 1950
            "Have you No Sense of Decency?" Jun 9, 1954
            Oral Histories:
            Ruth Young Watt, Interview #3: Chairman Joe McCarthy (pdf)
            Floyd M. Riddick, Interview #7: The McCarthy and Dodd Cases (pdf)
        Keafuver Crime Committee, May 3, 1950
        Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities (The Watergate Committee), 1973-1974
            Watergate Hearings Begin
            Watergate Committee Issues Subpoenas
            Senate Stories:
            Leaks Lead to Open Hearings Mar 28, 1973
            Watergate Files (Gerald Ford Library)
            Oral Histories:
            Senate Voices: The Senate & Watergate
            William F. Hildenbrand, Interview #5 (pdf)
            Chuck Ludlam on the Watergate Reform Bill
            Francis R. Valeo on President Nixon's Impeachment Trial