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Article I, section I of the Constitution grants all legislative powers to Congress. The chief function of Congress is the multi-step process of making laws. In addition, the Senate has the power of advice and consent with regard to treaties and nominations.

Currently Active Legislation

Commonly Searched for Legislation
Daily Floor Activity

Finding Legislation

Research Guides
How to Find Bill Numbers
How to Find Copies of Bills
Commonly Searched for Legislation
Congressional Bills: 103rd Congress-Present (GPO-govinfo)
Statistics & Lists: Legislation
Bill Summary and Status (

Legislative Process

The Legislative Process (House)
The Legislative Process Nine Videos & Transcripts (
Enactment of a Law (

Senate's Role

Legislative Process on the Senate Floor: An Introduction (CRS) (PDF)
Flow of Business: Typical Day on the Senate Floor (CRS) (PDF)

Compiling a Legislative History

Federal Legislative History Research (LLSDC)
History of Bills (GPO-govInfo)
Key to Versions of Printed Legislation

Historic Legislation

Civil Rights Legislation
The District of Columbia Compensated Emancpation Act
The Civil War and Reconstruction Amendments to the Constitution
Thirteenth Amendment
Fourteenth Amendment
Fifteenth Amendment
Civil Rights Act of 1875
Civil Rights Act of 1964 | Civil Rights Act at 50
The Pacific Railway Act of 1862
A Giant Leap for All Mankind
The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution
Woman Suffrage Centennial: The Senate and Women's Fight for the Vote

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