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In addition to the positions held by senators, there are several positions held by Senate staff that help to ensure that the business of the Senate runs smoothly.

Constitutionally Mandated Officers

President of the Senate   Background & List
            Virtual Reference Desk Page: Vice President

President Pro Tempore   Background & List
            Virtual Reference Desk Page: President Pro Tempore

Senate Elected Officers & Officials

Chaplain   Background & List

House and Senate Chaplains (PDF) (CRS)

Party Secretaries   Background & Lists

Secretary of the Senate   Background & List

The Senate Elects a Secretary, April 8, 1789
Oral History: Francis R. Valeo, Secretary of the Senate, 1966-1977
Support Offices
Public Records
Reporters of Debate

Sergeant at Arms   Background & List |    Office of the Sergeant at Arms & Doorkeeper

Senate Doorkeeper, April 7, 1789
Compulsion Attendance June 25, 1789

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