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The Judiciary

Federal Judicial Center

Provides biographies of justices, a timeline of landmark judicial legislation, information on the administration of courts, and other historical and educational materials about the Supreme Court and other federal courts.

Marshall, the Courthouse Mouse: A Tail of the U.S. Supreme Court. Peter W. Barnes and Cheryl Shaw Barnes. Alexandria, VA: VSP Books, 1998. Grades 1-5.

Explains the role of the judicial branch through Chief Justice Marshall Mouse and his fellow justices on the Supreme Court of the United Mice of America. Shows how Court cases arise, how they are argued, and how the justices make a decision.

The Supreme Court. Geoffrey M. Horn. Milwaukee: World Almanac Library, 2003. Grades 5-8.

Covers the qualifications for being a justice, how cases are chosen, the process for hearing a case, the role precedents play, and how the federal court system is organized. Discusses famous justices and highlights several landmark cases. Includes a list of justices since 1789 and a list of selected landmark cases, a glossary, a timeline, and an index.

The Supreme Court of the United States: A Student Companion, 3rd ed. John J. Patrick. New York: Oxford University Press, 2006. Young adults.

An encyclopedia-style resource that explains terms related to the Supreme Court. Provides biographies of the justices, summarizes significant decisions, and covers core concepts, legal terms, the Supreme Court building, and procedures and development of the Court.

The Children's Books and Web Sites bibliography lists more kid-friendly literature about the U.S. government.