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Is it true that . . .   There is a bill in Congress to impose a 5-cent tax on e-mails?

The answer is no. This Internet hoax claims that Congressman Tony Schnell is sponsoring Bill 602P to allow a 5-cent surcharge or tax for each e-mail delivered by billing the Internet service provider. Congressman Schnell is even quoted as advocating a "twenty to forty dollar per month surcharge on all Internet service" above and beyond the government's proposed e-mail charges.

The facts: There is no Congressmen Schnell, and there never has been one. Bill 602P does not exist; in fact, bills in the U.S. Congress are not numbered this way. Finally, the hoax claims a Washington, D.C. lawyer named Richard Stepp is working to prevent passage of the bill; again, there is no such person.

Link to the U.S. Postal Service for more information