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U.S. Flag


The Senate flag, emblazoned with the Senate seal, was designed in 1984 and first became available for display in 1987.

The stars and stripes design of the U.S. flag dates back to the Second Continental Congress. The design of the flag changed over the years as new states were added to the Union. While laws exist on its proper display, there is no penalty or punishment for improper display and treatment of the flag.

Senate Flag

History of the Senate Flag

The Senate Seal

U.S. Flag History and Etiquette

Learn more about the proper display and treatment of the flag.

Our Flag (GPO-govInfo) (pdf)

The United States Flag:  Federal Law Relating to Display and Associated Questions (CRS) (pdf)

June 14: Flag Day History (

Flags of the World

Link to images of the flags of other countries.

Flags of the World (

United States Capitol Flag Program

To order a U.S. flag that has flown over the Capitol, please contact your senator's office.

Capitol Flags Program (Architect of the Capitol)


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