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Appointed Senators (1913-Present)

The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution (1913) established direct election of senators, as well as a means of filling vacant Senate seats. If a vacancy occurs due to a senator's death, resignation, or expulsion, the Seventeenth Amendment allows state legislatures to empower the governor to appoint a replacement to complete the term or to hold office until a special election can take place. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Some states require a special election to fill a vacancy. A few states require the governor to appoint a replacement of the same political party as the previous incumbent. The date when a senator appointed to fill a vacancy is succeeded by a senator elected to fill the remainder of the term depends on a number of factors.

For more information on how vacancies are filled read, U.S. Senate Vacancies: Contemporary Developments and Perspectives (CRS) (PDF) and the Senate Document The Term of Senator: When Does It Begin and End? (PDF).

The names of current senators appear in bold print.

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SenatorDate appointedElected
JohnstonRienzi M. Johnston (D-TX) 19130604Jan 4, 1913Did not seek election.
HeiskellJohn N. Heiskell (D-AR) 19130606Jan 6, 1913 Did not seek election.
WestWilliam S. West (D-GA) 19140302Mar 2, 1914Did not seek election.
CamdenJohnson N. Camden, Jr. (D-KY) 19140616Jun 16, 1914 Yes, on November 3, 1914.
TaggartThomas Taggart (D-IN) 19160320Mar 20, 1916No, was defeated on November 7, 1916.
McNaryCharles L. McNary (R-OR) 19170529May 29, 1917Yes, to full term beginning March 4, 1918. Was not a candidate in the special election on the same date to fill remainder of term ending March 3, 1918, but was subsequently appointed to fill remainder of the term ending March 3, 1918.
HendersonCharles B. Henderson (D-NV) 19180112Jan 12, 1918Yes, on November 5, 1918.
NugentJohn F. Nugent (D-ID) 19180322Jan 22, 1918Yes, on November 5, 1918.
BairdDavid Baird (R-NJ) 19180223Feb 23, 1918Yes, on November 5, 1918.
GuionWalter Guion (D-LA) 19180422Apr 22, 1918Did not seek election.
WilfleyXenophon P. Wilfley (D-MO) 19180430Apr 30, 1918No, did not win nomination.
BenetChristie Benet (D-SC) 19180706Jul 6, 1918No, did not win nomination.
DrewIrving W. Drew (R-NH) 19180902Sep 2, 1918Did not seek election.
MartinGeorge B. Martin (D-KY) 19180907Sep 7, 1918Did not seek election.
GlassCarter Glass (D-VA) 19191118Nov 18, 1919Yes, on November 3, 1920.
ComerBraxton B. Comer (D-AL) 19210305Mar 5, 1920Did not seek election.
BursumHolm O. Bursum (R-NM) 19210311Mar 11, 1921Yes, on September 20, 1921.
du PontThomas C. du Pont (R-DE) 19210607Jul 7, 1921No, defeated on November 7, 1922, but was successfully elected in 1924.
CrowWilliam E. Crow (R-PA) 19211017Oct 17, 1921Died on August 2, 1922.
PepperGeorge W. Pepper (R-PA) 19220609Jan 9, 1922Yes, on Nov 7, 1922.
RawsonCharles A. Rawson (R-IA) 19220224Feb 24, 1922Did not seek election.
ReedDavid A. Reed (R-PA) 19220808Aug 8, 1922Yes, on November 7, 1922.
FeltonRebecca L. Felton (D-GA) 19221003Oct 3, 1922Did not seek election.
CouzensJames Couzens (R-MI) 19221129Nov 29, 1922Yes, on November 4, 1924.
AdamsAlva B. Adams (D-CO) 19230517May 17, 1923No, defeated on November 4, 1924, but was successfully elected in 1932.
ButlerWilliam M. Butler (R-MA) 19241113Nov 13, 1924No, defeated on November 2, 1926.
WilliamsGeorge H. Williams (R-OR) 19250525May 25, 1925No, defeated on November 2, 1926.
RobinsonArthur R. Robinson (R-IN) 19251020Oct 20, 1925Yes, on November 2, 1926.
NyeGerald P. Nye (R-ND) 19251114Nov 14, 1925Yes, on June 30, 1926.
StewartDavid W. Stewart (R-IA) 19260807Aug 7, 1926Yes, on November 2, 1926.
CuttingBronson M. Cutting (R-NM) 19271229Dec 29, 1927Yes, on November 6, 1928, to full term beginning Mar 4, 1929; was not a candidate for special election on the same date to fill remainder of the term ending March 3, 1929.
VandenbergArthur H. Vandenberg 19280331Mar 31, 1928Yes, on November 6, 1928.
LocherCyrus Locher (D-OH) 19280804Apr 4, 1928No, defeated for nomination.
ThomasJohn Thomas (R-ID) 19280630Jun 30, 1928Yes, on November 6, 1928.
HastingsDaniel O. Hastings (R-DE) 19281210Dec 10, 1928Yes, on Nov 4, 1930.
AllenHenry J. Allen (R-KS) 19290401Apr 1, 1929No, defeated on November 4, 1930.
BrockWilliam E. Brock (D-TN) 19290902Sep 2, 1929Yes, on November 4, 1930.
McCullochRoscoe C. McCulloch (R-OH) 19290505Nov 5, 1929No, defeated on November 4, 1930.
BairdDavid Baird, Jr. (R-NJ) 19291130Nov 30, 1929Did not seek election.
SullivanPatrick J. Sullivan (R-WY) 19291205Dec 5, 1929Did not seek election.
GrundyJoseph R. Grundy (R-PA) 19291211Dec 11, 1929No, defeated for nomination.
RobsionJohn Robsion (R-KY) 19300609Jan 9, 1930No, defeated on November 4, 1930.
MorrisonCameron A. Morrison (D-NC) 19301213Dec 13, 1930No, defeated for nomination.
PartridgeFrank C. Partridge (R-VT) 19301223Dec 23, 1930No, defeated for nomination.
CarawayHattie W. Caraway (D-AR) 19311113Nov 13, 1931Yes, on January 12, 1932.
BarbourWilliam W. Barbour (R-NJ) 19311201Dec 1, 1931Yes, on November 8, 1932.
CohenJohn S. Cohen (D-GA) 19320425Apr 25, 1932Did not seek election.
WalkerWalter Walker (D-CO) 19320926Sep 26, 1932No, defeated on November 8, 1932.
GrammerElijah S. Grammer (R-WA) 19321222Nov 22, 1932Did not seek election.
BachmanNathan L. Bachman (D-TN) 19330228Feb 28, 1933Yes, on November 6, 1934.
ByrdHarry F. Byrd (D-VA) 19330304Mar 4, 1933Yes, on November 7, 1933.
EricksonJohn E. Erickson (D-MT) 19330304Mar 13, 1933No, defeated for nomination.
ThompsonWilliam H. Thompson (D-NE) 19330424May 24, 1933Did not seek election.
HatchCarl A. Hatch (D-NM) 19331010Oct 10, 1933Yes, on November 6, 1934.
GibsonErnest W. Gibson (R-VT) 19331121Nov 21, 1933Yes, on January 16, 1934.
O'MahoneyJoseph C. O'Mahoney (D-WY) 19331218Dec 18, 1933Yes, on November 6, 1934.
ChavezDennis Chavez (D-NM) 19350511May 11, 1935Yes, on November 3, 1936.
BensonElmer A. Benson (Farmer Laborite-MN) 19351227Dec 27, 1935Did not seek election.
LongRose M. Long (D-LA) 19360131Jan 31, 1936Yes, on April 21, 1936.
LoftinScott M. Loftin (D-FL) 19360526May 26, 1936Did not seek election.
HillWilliam L. Hill (D-FL) 19360701Jul 1, 1936Did not seek election.
HitchcockHerbert E. Hitchcock (D-SD) 19361229Dec 29, 1936No, defeated for nomination.
BerryGeorge L. Berry (D-TN) 19370506May 6, 1937No, defeated for nomination.
GravesDixie B. Graves (D-AL) 19370820Aug 20, 1937Did not seek election.
HillJoseph L. Hill (D-AL) 19380110Jan 10, 1938Yes, on April 26, 1938.
MiltonJohn G. Milton (D-NJ) 19380118Jan 18, 1938Did not seek election.
ReamesAlfred E. Reames (D-OR) 19380201Feb 1, 1938Did not seek election.
StorkeThomas M. Storke (D-CA) 19381109Nov 9, 1938Did not seek election.
SlatteryJames M. Slattery (D-IL) 19390414Apr 14, 1939No, defeated on November 6, 1940.
ChandlerHappy Chandler (D-KY) 19391010Oct 10, 1939Yes, on November 6, 1940.
ThomasJohn Thomas (R-ID) 19400127Jan 27, 1940Yes, on November 6, 1940.
GibsonErnest W. Gibson, Jr. (R-VT) 19400624Jun 24, 1940Did not seek election.
BallJoseph H. Ball (R-MN) 19401014Oct 14, 1940Yes, on November 3, 1942.
BunkerBerkeley L. Bunker (D-NV) 19401127Nov 27, 1940No, defeated for nomination.
RosierJoseph Rosier (D-WV) 19410113Jan 13, 1941No, defeated on November 17, 1942.
SpencerGeorge L. Spencer (D-AR) 19410401Apr 1, 1941Did not seek election.
HoustonAndrew J. Houston (D-TX) 19410421Apr 21, 1941Died on June 26, 1941.
EastlandJames O. Eastland (D-MS) 19410630Jun 30, 1941Did not seek election at this time, but was elected to the Senate in 1942.
LumpkinAlva M. Lumpkin (D-SC) 19410717Jul 17, 1941No, died in office on August 1, 1941.
PeaceRoger C. Peace (D-SC) 19410805Aug 5, 1941Did not seek election.
MillikinEugene D. Millikin (R-CO) 19411220Dec 20, 1941Yes, on November 3, 1942.
WalshArthur Walsh (D-NJ) 19431126Nov 26, 1943Did not seek election.
JacksonSamuel D. Jackson (D-IN) 19440128Jan 28, 1944Did not seek election.
WeeksSinclair Weeks (R-MA) 19440208Feb 8, 1944Did not seek election.
CordonGuy Cordon (R-OR) 19440304Mar 4, 1944Yes, on November 8, 1944.
HallWilton E. Hall (D-SC) 19441120Nov 20, 1944Did not seek election.
MitchellHugh B. Mitchell (D-WA) 19450110Jan 10, 1945No, defeated on November 5, 1946.
BriggsFrank P. Briggs (D-MO) 19450118Jan 18, 1945No, defeated on November 5, 1946.
HartThomas C. Hart (R-CT) 19450215Feb 15, 1945Did not seek election.
YoungMilton R. Young (R-ND) 19450312Mar 12, 1945Yes, on June 25, 1946.
CarvilleEdward P. Carville (D-NV) 19450725Jul 25, 1945No, defeated for nomination.
KnowlandWilliam F. Knowland (R-CA) 19450814Aug 14, 1945Yes, on November 5, 1946.
HuffmanJames W. Huffman (D-OH) 19451008Oct 8, 1945No, defeated on November 5, 1946.
GossettCharles C. Gossett (D-ID) 19451117Nov 17, 1945No, defeated for nomination.
StanfillWilliam A. Stanfill (R-KY) 19451119Nov 19, 1945Did not seek election.
BurchThomas G. Burch (D-VA) 19460531May 31, 1946Did not seek election.
SwiftGeorge R. Swift (D-AL) 19460615Jun 15, 1946Did not seek election.
HollandSpessard L. Holland (D-FL) 19460925Sep 25, 1946Yes, on November 5, 1946.
FlandersRalph E. Flanders (R-VT) 19461101Nov 1, 1946Yes, on November 5, 1946.
UmsteadWilliam B. Umstead (D-NC) 19461218Dec 18, 1946No, defeated for nomination.
FeazelWilliam C. Feazel (D-LA) 19480518May 18, 1948Did not seek election.
BushfieldVera C. Bushfield (R-SD) 19481006Oct 6, 1948Did not seek election.
WithersGarrett L. Withers (D-KY) 19490120Jan 20, 1949Did not seek election.
GrahamFrank P. Graham (D-NC) 19490329Mar 29, 1949No, defeated for nomination.
DullesJohn F. Dulles (R-NY) 19490707Jul 7, 1949No, defeated on November 8, 1949.
LeahyEdward L. Leahy (D-RI) 19490824Aug 24, 1949Did not seek election.
DworshakHenry C. Dworshak (R-ID) 19491114Oct 14, 1949Yes, on November 7, 1950.
DarbyHarry Darby (R-KS) 19491202Dec 2, 1949Did not seek election.
BentonWilliam Benton (D-CT) 19491217Dec 17, 1949Yes, on November 7, 1950.
UnderwoodThomas R. Underwood (D-KY) 19510319Mar 19, 1951No, defeated on November 4, 1952.
MoodyArthur E. B. Moody (D-MI) 19510423Apr 23, 1951No, defeated on November 4, 1952.
SeatonFrederick A. Seaton (R-NE) 19511210Dec 10, 1951Did not seek election.
PurtellWilliam A. Purtell (R-CT) 19520829Aug 29, 1952Was not a candidate in special election to fill remainer of the term to which he was appointed, but was elected to Class I seat in 1952.
KuchelThomas H. Kuchel (R-CA) 19530102Jan 2, 1953Yes, on November 2, 1954.
LennonAlton A. Lennon (D-NC) 19530710Jul 10, 1953No, defeated for nomination.
UptonRobert W. Upton (R-NH) 19530814Aug 14, 1953No, defeated for nomination.
BurkeThomas A. Burke (D-OH) 19531113Oct 13, 1953No, defeated on November 2, 1954.
BowringEva K. Bowring (R-NE) 19540416Apr 16, 1954Did not seek election.
ErvinSamuel J. Ervin, Jr. (D-NC) 19540605Jun 5, 1954Yes, on November 2, 1954.
CrippaEdward D. Crippa (R-WY) 19540624Jun 24, 1954Did not seek election.
ReynoldsSamuel W. Reynolds (R-NE) 19540703Jul 3, 1954Did not seek election.
DanielCharles E. Daniel (D-SC) 19540906Sep 6, 1954Did not seek election.
BrownErnest S. Brown (R-NV) 19541101Oct 1, 1954No, defeated on November 2, 1954.
LairdWilliam R. Laird III (D-WV) 19560313Mar 13, 1956Did not seek election.
WoffordThomas A. Wofford (D-SC) 19560405Apr 5, 1956Did not seek election.
HumphreysRobert Humphreys (D-KY) 19560621Jun 21, 1956Did not seek election.
BlakleyWilliam A. Blakley (D-TX) 19570115Jan 15, 1957Did not seek election.
HoblitzellJohn D. Hoblitzell, Jr. (R-WV) 19580125Jan 25, 1958No, defeated on November 4, 1958.
JordanBenjamin E. Jordan (D-NC) 19580419Apr 19, 1958Yes, on November 4, 1958.
BrunsdaleClarence Norman Brunsdale (R-ND) 19591119Nov 19, 1959Did not seek election.
LuskHall S. Lusk (D-OR) 19600316Mar 16, 1960Did not seek election.
LongEdward V. Long (D-MO) 19600923Sep 23, 1960Yes, on November 8, 1960.
SmithBenjamin A. Smith II (D-MA) 19601227Dec 27, 1960Did not seek election.
BlakleyWilliam A. Blakley (D-TX) 19610303Jan 3, 1961No, defeated on May 27, 1961.
HickeyJohn J. Hickey (D-WY) 19610103Jan 3, 1961No, defeated on November 6, 1962.
MurphyMaurice J. Murphy, Jr. (R-NH) 19611207Dec 7, 1961No, defeated for nomination.
PearsonJames B. Pearson (R-KS) 19620131Jan 31, 1962Yes, on November 6, 1962
BottumJoseph H. Bottum (R-SD) 19620709Jul 9, 1962No, defeated on November 6, 1962.
JordanLen Jordan (R-ID) 19620806Aug 6, 1962Yes, on November 6, 1962.
MechemEdwin L. Mechem (R-NM) 19621130Nov 30, 1962No, defeated on November 3, 1964.
EdmondsonJames H. Edmondson (D-OK) 19630107Jan 7, 1963No, defeated for nomination.
WaltersHerbert S. Walters (D-TN) 19630820Aug 20, 1963Did not seek election.
SalingerPierre E. G. Salinger (D-CA) 19640804Aug 4, 1964No, defeated on November 3, 1964.
MondaleWalter F. Mondale (D-MN) 19641230Dec 30, 1964Yes, on November 8, 1966.
RussellDonald S. Russell (D-SC) 19650422Apr 22, 1965No, defeated for nomination.
ByrdHarry F. Byrd, Jr. (D, I-VA) 19650512Nov 12, 1965Yes, on November 8, 1966
GriffinRobert P. Griffin (R-MI) 19660511May 11, 1966Yes, on November 8, 1966.
GoodellCharles E. Goodell (R-NY) 19680910Sep 10, 1968No, defeated on November 3, 1970.
StevensTed Stevens (R-AK) 19681224Dec 24, 1968Yes, on November 3, 1970.
SmithRalph T. Smith (R-IL) 19690917Sep 17, 1969No, defeated on November 3, 1970.
GambrellDavid H. Gambrell (D-GA) 19710201Feb 1, 1971No, defeated for nomination.
StaffordRobert T. Stafford (R-VT) 19710916Sep 16, 1971Yes, on January 7, 1972.
EdwardsElaine S. Edwards (D-LA) 19720801Aug 1, 1972Did not seek election.
MetzenbaumHoward M. Metzenbaum (D-OH) 19740104Jan 4, 1974No, defeated for nomination, but was successfully elected to the Senate in 1976.
WymanLouis C. Wyman (R-NH) 19741231Dec 31, 1974No, defeated on September 16, 1975. 1
CottonNorris H. Cotton (R-NH) 19750808Aug 8, 1975Did not seek election.
AndersonWendell R. Anderson (D-MN) 19761230Dec 30, 1976No, defeated on November 7, 1978.
HodgesKaneaster Hodges, Jr. (D-AR) 19771210Dec 10, 1977Did not seek election.
HatfieldPaul G. Hatfield (D-MT) 19780122Jan 22, 1978No, defeated for nomination.
HumphreyMuriel B. Humphrey (D-MN) 19780125Jan 25, 1978Did not seek election.
AllenMaryon P. Allen (D-AL) 19780608Jun 8, 1978No, defeated for nomination.
MitchellGeorge J. Mitchell (D-ME) 19800517May 17, 1980Yes, on November 2, 1982.
BradyNicholas F. Brady (R-NJ) 19820412Apr 12, 1982Did not seek election.
EvansDaniel J. Evans (R-WA) 19830908Sep 8, 1983Yes, on November 8, 1983.
BroyhillJames T. Broyhill (R-NC) 19860714Jul 14, 1986No, defeated on November 5, 1986.
KarnesDavid K. Karnes (R-NE) 19870311Mar 11, 1987No, defeated on November 8, 1988.
CoatsDaniel R. Coats (R-IN) 19881227Dec 27, 1988Yes, on November 6, 1990.
AkakaDaniel K. Akaka (D-HI) 19900516May 16, 1990Yes, on November 6, 1990.
SeymourJohn Seymour (R-CA) 19910107Jan 7, 1991No, defeated on November 3, 1992.
WoffordHarris Wofford (D-PA) 19910508May 8, 1991Yes, on November 5, 1991.
BurdickJocelyn B. Burdick (D-ND) 19920912Sep 12, 1992Did not seek election.
MathewsHarlan Mathews (D-TN) 19921229Dec 29, 1992Did not seek election.
KruegerRobert C. Krueger (D-TX) 19930121Jan 21, 1993No, defeated on January 5, 1993.
FrahmSheila Frahm (R-KS) 19960611Jun 11, 1996No, defeated for nomination.
ChafeeLincoln D. Chafee (R-RI) 19991102Nov 2, 1999Yes, on November 7, 2000.
MillerZell B. Miller (D-GA) 20000724Jul 24, 2000Yes, on November 7, 2000.
CarnahanJean Carnahan (D-MO) 20010103Jan 3, 2001 (effective)No, defeated on November 5, 2002.
BarkleyDean Barkley (IPM-MN) 20021104Nov 4, 2002Did not seek election.
MurkowskiLisa Murkowski (R-AK) 20021220Dec 20, 2002Yes, on November 2, 2004.
MenendezRobert Menendez (D-NJ) 20070117Jan 17, 2006Yes, on November 7, 2006.
BarrassoJohn Barrasso (R-WY) 20070622Jun 22, 2007Yes, on November 4, 2008.
WickerRoger F. Wicker (R-MS) 20071231Dec 31, 2007Yes, on November 4, 2008.
BurrisRoland Burris (D-IL) 20081231Dec 31, 2008Did not seek election.
KaufmanTed Kaufman (D-DE) 20090115Jan 15, 2009Did not seek election.
BennetMichael F. Bennet (D-CO) 20090121Jan 21, 2009Yes, on November 2, 2010.
GillibrandKirsten E. Gillibrand (D-NY) 20090126Jan 26, 2009Yes, on November 2, 2010.
LeMieuxGeorge S. LeMieux (R-FL) 20090126Sep 9, 2009Did not seek election.
KirkPaul G. Kirk, Jr. (D-MA) 20090924Sep 24, 2009Did not seek election.
GoodwinCarte P. Goodwin (D-WV) 20100716Jul 16, 2010Did not seek election.
HellerDean Heller (R-NV) 20110503May 3, 2011Yes, on November 6, 2012.
SchatzBrian Schatz (D-HI) 20121226Dec 26, 2012Yes, on November 4, 2014.
ScottTim Scott (R-SC) 20130102Jan 2, 2013Yes, on November 4, 2014.
CowanWilliam Cowan (Mo) (D-MA) 20130201Feb 1, 2013Did not seek election.
ChiesaJeffrey S. Chiesa (R-NJ) 20130606Jun 6, 2013Did not seek election.
WalshJohn E. Walsh (D-MT) 20140209Feb 9, 2014Did not seek election.
StrangeLuther J. Strange III (R-AL) 20170209Feb 9, 2017Not a candidate in the general election, having been defeated in a primary runoff election on September 26, 2017.
SmithTina Smith (D-MN) 20180103Jan 2, 2018Yes, on November 6, 2018.
Hyde-SmithCindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) 20180402Apr 2, 2018Yes, in a run-off election on November 27, 2018.
KylJon L. Kyl (R-AZ) 20180904Sep 4, 2018Did not seek election.
McSallyMartha McSally (R-AZ) 20190303Jan 3, 2019No, defeated on November 3, 2020.
LoefflerKelly Loeffler (R-GA) 20200106Jan 1, 2020No, defeated on January 5, 2021.
PadillaAlex Padilla (D-CA) 20201222Jan 18, 2021Yes, on November 8, 2022.
RickettsPete Ricketts (R-NE) 20230123Jan 23, 2023--
PadillaAlex Padilla (D-CA) 20201222Jan 18, 2021Yes, on November 8, 2022.
ButlerLaphonza R. Butler (D-CA) 20231001Oct 1, 2023--

1. Wyman had run against John Durkin in the November 1974 general election for seat being vacated by Norris Cotton, but the election results were contested. In the meantime, Norris Cotton resigned his seat on Dec. 31, 1974, and the governor appointed Wyman to serve the last 3 days of Cotton's term. The seat was then vacant from Jan. 3, 1975, until Aug. 8, 1975, when Cotton was appointed to fill the vacancy pending the results of a special election to be held in September between Wyman and Durkin. Durkin handily won the special election.

2. Appointed December 31, 2008, but credentials were not in order until January 15, 2009.

3. Appointed January 23, 2009, and appointment took effect upon her resignation from the House of Representatives on January 26, 2009. Took the oath of office on January 27, 2009.

4. Appointed May 3, 2011, but did not resign his House seat until May 9, 2011.