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Senators Interred in Congressional Cemetery

Eighteen senators and 42 representatives have been buried in this cemetery earning it the name the Congressional Cemetery. Additional information about the cemetery is available in the Senate Stories blog.
SenatorSenate ServiceRangeSite
AndersonJoseph I. Anderson (TN) 1797–18153144
BibbGeorge M. Bibb (KY) 1811–1814; 1829–183557143
BowdenLemuel J. Bowden (VA) 1863–18646060
BurrillJames Burrill, Jr. (RI) 1817–18202932
ForsythJohn Forsyth (GA) 1818–1819; 1829–18343765
GaillardJohn Gaillard (SC) 1804–18262940
JacksonJames Jackson (GA) 1793–1795; 1801–18062960
MalboneFrancis Malbone (RI) 1809252
NobleJames Noble (IN) 1816–18312946
PinkneyWilliam Pinkney (MD) 1819–18222936
RoachWilliam N. Roach (ND) 1893–18995985
SouthardSamuel L. Southard (NJ) 1821–1823; 1833–184255140
ThrustonBuckner Thurston (KY) 1805–18093797
ThurstonJohn M. Thurston (NE) 1895–1901 (cremated)5983
TracyUriah Tracy (CT) 1796–1807241
TrimbleWilliam A. Trimble (OH) 1819–18212934
UphamWilliam Upham (VT) 1843–185355163
YoungRichard M. Young (IL) 1837–184374206

There are also cenotaphs (empty tombs) for approximately one dozen senators who died in office, including  Andrew Butler, Henry Clay, and John C. Calhoun, and former Senator and President John Quincy Adams, who died while serving in the U.S. House of Representatives.

* George Bibb was removed from Congressional Cemetery  two months after his burial.