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National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairpersons

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SenatorSenate Service
WeeksJohn W. Weeks (R-MA) 1916
GallingerJacob H. Gallinger (R-NH) 1918
PoindexterMiles Poindexter (R, PR-WA) 1920–1921
McCormickJoseph M. McCormick (R-IL) 1921–1922
MosesGeorge H. Moses (R-NH) 1922–1924
FessSimeon D. Fess (R-OH) 1925–1926
Phipps Lawrence C. Phipps (R-CO) 1926–1927
MosesGeorge H. Moses (R-NH) 1927–1928
Metcalf Jesse H. Metcalf (R-RI) 1928–1929
MosesGeorge H. Moses (R-NH) 1929–1930
NyeGerald P. Nye (R-ND) 1930–1931
HatfieldHenry D. Hatfield (R-WV) 1931–1932
DickinsonLester J. Dickinson (R-IA) 1932–1934
HastingsDaniel O. Hastings (R-DE) 1934–1936
TownsendJohn G. Townsend, Jr. (R-DE) 1 1936–1949
BrewsterRalph O. Brewster (R-ME) 1949–1951
BridgesH. Styles Bridges (R-NH) 1951–1953
DirksenEverett M. Dirksen (R-IL) 1953–1955
GoldwaterBarry M. Goldwater (R-AZ) 1955–1956
SchoeppelAndrew F. Schoeppel (R-KS) 1956–1959
GoldwaterBarry M. Goldwater (R-AZ) 1959–1963
MortonThruston B. Morton (R-KY) 1963–1967
MurphyGeorge L. Murphy (R-CA) 1967–1969
TowerJohn G. Tower (R-TX) 1969–1971
DominickPeter H. Dominick (R-CO) 1971–1973
BrockWilliam E. Brock III (R-TN) 1973–1975
StevensTed Stevens (R-AK) 1975–1977
PackwoodRobert W. Packwood (R-OR) 1977–1979
HeinzH. John Heinz III (R-PA) 1979–1981
PackwoodRobert W. Packwood (R-OR) 1981–1983
LugarRichard G. Lugar (R-IN) 1983–1985
HeinzH. John Heinz III (R-PA) 1985–1987
BoschwitzRudy Boschwitz (R-MN) 1987–1989
NicklesDonald L. Nickles (R-OK) 1989–1991
GrammPhil Gramm (R-TX) 1991–1995
D'AmatoAlfonse M. D'Amato (R-NY) 1995–1997
McConnellMitch McConnell (R-KY) 1997–2001
FristWilliam H. Frist (R-TN) 2001–2003
AllenGeorge Allen (R-VA) 2003–2005
DoleElizabeth H. Dole (R-NC) 2005–2007
EnsignJohn E. Ensign (R-NV) 2007–2008
CornynJohn Cornyn (R-TX) 2009–2013
MoranJerry Moran (R-KS) 2013–2015
WickerRoger F. Wicker (R-MS) 2015–2017
GardnerCory Gardner (R-CO) 2017–2019
YoungTodd Young (R-IN) 2019–2021
ScottRick Scott (R-FL) 2021–2023
DainesSteve Daines (R-MT) 2023–present

1 Townsend lost his bid for reelection in 1940 but the Conference elected him as chairman of the Campaign Committee in February 1941, a position he continued to hold until 1949.