United States Senate Chamber

By Thomas Doney, after James A. Whitehorne

Mezzotint, 1847
Image Size: 26 7/8" h. x 36 1/8" w.
Catalog No. 28.00027

S-228, Old Senate Chamber

U.S. Senate Collection
Office of Senate Curator

Often considered the finest depiction of the Senate, this engraving commemorates Henry Clay's farewell address to the Senate on March 31, 1842. Senator Clay appears in the left background. This scene never took place, but is the artist's interpretation of the event. To create this engraving, artist Thomas Doney collected more than 100 likenesses from mid-19th century daguerreotypists. He devoted more than four years to produce the work. While the composite depicts accurate portraits of each senator, the individuals represented were never in the room at the same time. Unfortunately, the original daguerreotypes, housed at the National Daguerreotype Miniature Gallery in New York City, were destroyed by fire in 1852.