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Photo Collection of the Senate Historical Office

Group of Senators Pose for Photo, 1964

The United States Senate Historical Office maintains a collection of approximately 35,000 still pictures, slides, and negatives. The collection includes photographs and illustrations of most former senators, news photographs, editorial cartoons, photographs of committees in session, and other images documenting the institutional history of the Senate and the careers of senators.  The collection is available for use by the media, congressional offices, academic researchers, and the general public. Most of the photos used on this Web site are part of the Historical Office's collection. For more information, contact the Senate's photo historian.  


Photo Exhibits

The Senate through the Ages

World War II: The Senate and the Nation's Capital

Capitol Scenes: 1900-1950

Arthur E. Scott Collection

Copyright Information

Images collected by offices under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Senate include original and copy photographs, artwork, and prints created from many kinds of sources, including newspaper staff, wire services, commercial photo studios, publicity photo distributors, amateur photographers, and published cartoons, etchings and engravings. Most images in these collections are considered to be in the public domain, however, some images may be restricted by copyright. Therefore, patrons are advised to check copyright before publishing or otherwise distributing images from offices under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Senate.

Offices under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Senate can not grant literary or reproduction rights to materials in its collection. Those seeking to publish or reproduce either published or unpublished materials must secure permission from the legal copyright claimant under U.S. copyright law. Offices under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Senate are not responsible for violation of copyright by an author, publisher, or any other user nor does it assume responsibility for third-party claims resulting from the failure of an author, publisher or any other user to secure reproduction rights.

For more information about copyright or to conduct a copyright search, contact the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress.