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This list of artifacts from the Senate Collection is organized by date, with the oldest object listed first.
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Desk, Vice President's
Chair, Senate Chamber
Desk, Senate Chamber, 66...
Desk, Cylinder-fall
Table, Writing
Bookcase, Library
Table, Writing or Librar...
Table, Writing or Side
Chair, Turkish-style Sid...
Sofa, Turkish-style
Chair, Turkish-style Arm
Desk, Flat-Top
Bench, Three-Panel
Bench, Two-Panel
Bench, Six-Panel
Bench, Six-Panel
Desk, Fall-Front
Chair, Small Side (no ar...
Chair, Square Arm
Chair, Round Arm
Desk, Flat-Top Partner
Chair, Round Arm Swivel
Chair, Easy
Chair, Arm
Chair, Small Side
Desk, Senate (Movie Prop...
Desk, Senate Chamber (Re...
Chair, Senate Chamber (R...
Desk, Large Podium
Chair, High-back Arm
Black Lacquer Cabinet
Speakers Podium, Impeach...
Table, Counsel, Impeachm...
Table, Counsel, Impeachm...
Table, Counsel, Impeachm...