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1918 Autograph AlbumAlbum, AutographDetwilerDonald J. Detwiler1918Paper11.00010.000
1860 ca. AlbumBrumidi Photograph AlbumBrumidiLola Germon Brumidi1860 ca. - 1880Leather, Paper11.00012.000
1844 AlbumThe United States Album: Embellished with the Arms of Each State and Other Appropriate Engravings, Containing the Autographs of the President and Cabinet, Twenty-eighth Congress, Supreme Court, Ministers and Other Officers of Government.Reigart (Publisher) P.S. Duval (Engraver)J. Franklin Reigart (Publisher) P.S. Duval (Engraver)1844-1846Leather, Paper11.00058.000
1885 ca. AlbumAlbum, Cabinet Card PortraitsBellCharles Milton Bell (1848-1893)1885 ca.Leather, Paper11.00060.000
1870 AlbumAlbum, Cabinet Card PortraitsBrady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries Brady's National Photographic Portrait Galleries1870-1871 ca.Leather, Paper11.00061.000