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Badge, United States Senate PageUnidentified1879 ca. or 19th c.Silver
An Artist's Rambles in Washington.—No. 5: The Introduction of Bills in the U.S. Senate.Unknown Unknown1884-02-09Wood engraving, black and white
[U.S. Senate Chamber with Isaac Bassett and Pages]Unknown Unknown1890 ca.Photograph, black and white
In His Second Childhood.Unidentified Unidentified1894-02-28Lithograph, colored
The Senator from Kansas Preparing an Oratorical Eruption.Unknown Unknown1897-02-20Halftone, black and white
Album, AutographDetwilerDonald J. Detwiler1918Paper
In the Seats of the Mighty [Junior Senate in Session]Newspaper Enterprise Association Newspaper Enterprise Association1923-02-07Photograph, black and white
Hey, That Turkey's Gettin' Cold!Newspaper Enterprise Association Newspaper Enterprise Association1928-12-20Photograph, black and white
Vice-Presidential PageACME Newspictures, Inc. ACME Newspictures, Inc.1939-03Photograph, black and white
At His Desk in the Senate ChamberACME Newspictures, Inc. ACME Newspictures, Inc.1941-08-21Photograph, black and white
Lapel Pin, United States Senate PageUnidentified1942Gold
[Floyd J. Landis]Harris & Ewing Harris & Ewing1942Photograph, black and white
The CongressionalSchoolCapitol Page School1943Paper
Glee After AdjournmentACME Newspictures, Inc. ACME Newspictures, Inc.1949-10-19Photograph, black and white
Senate Page BoysUnited Press International United Press International1957-01-07Photograph, black and white
Tour of the Documents Room in the CapitolKalecGeorge Kalec1957-06-04Photograph, black and white
A New Page in HistoryAssociated Press Associated Press1971-05-14Photograph, black and white
Special DeliveryAssociated Press Associated Press1971-05-14Photograph, black and white
Class Ring, U.S. Senate PageUnidentified1972Gold
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